TDPC Lot I – Full and Open

Training Data Products Contract (TDPC) Lot I – Full and Open

Contract Number

Sponsoring Agency
Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)

Delivery Order Types

Eligible Buyers
Naval Air Systems Command and other PCOs as approved by the Government Contracting Officer

NAWCTSD may procure a broad range of training systems and intermediate work products within the scope of this contract. The detailed requirements for the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of training systems and training system intermediate work products, will be defined in the SOW or the Statement of Objectives for each specific Delivery Order.

The TDPC is divided into three distinct Functional Areas. Each Functional Area has a set of possible intermediate work products that lead to the production, delivery, test, and sustainment of a training system. The three Functional Areas included in the TDPC are:

  • Analysis, Design, and Evaluation
  • Development, Production, and Implementation
  • Sustainment

Carley Points of Contact

Peter Farkas
Vice President, Programs
Phone: 407-377-1352
Fax: 407-895-3865

Deborah Brunetti
Vice President, Contracts
Phone: 407-377-1322
Fax: 407-895-3865